Upholstery Cleaning

Here at Mark’s Cleaning we use a selection of hand tools that safely sprays a combination of the hot water and cleaning solution on to the fabric then extracts it back in to the machine along with any dirt, grease, food and drink particles. Because our upholstery cleaning machines incorporate two heavy duty vacuums, items are usually bone dry within a few hours. The results can be stunning especially on heavily soiled items! We incorporate dry-pods which speed up the drying process.


When we tackle a suite every inch is cleaned including the front, back and undersides of the seat and back cushions. Dust sheets are spread on to your floor to prevent any overspray when the work is taking place.

Our upholstery cleaning system even works safely on most ‘Dry clean only’ items. These warnings are usually to stop customers from attempting to clean items themselves with inappropriate cleaning systems which may cause damage.


Your furniture will get the most thorough clean it has ever had and that is a guarantee!


Almost all non-silk rugs including Chinese and Indian can be cleaned to a very high standard. They can be cleaned on your premises to keep our costs down which in turn keeps our charges lower. If however this is not possible then rugs can sometimes be picked up, cleaned off-site, fully dried and returned to your door for an additional charge.

For the complete domestic and commercial interior cleaning service, call us on 0161 661 3437